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  • If you are looking to add lean strong muscle to your body, as well as boosting your strength, then this program is for you. 


  • It is ideal for males and females who would like a dedicated strength and muscle building program 

The Lean Muscle program - BUILD MUSCLE

  • Calorie & Macronutrient Guides


    • Let you personalize your nutrition to your exact goals. 


    • Calculate (to the exact calorie) what you need to do to ensure they reach their goals - with the latest formulas.


    • Tailored nutrition recommendations that's delivered in a clear and actionable way.


    Meal Plans


    • Show you how to create great tasting meals with a ton of variety.

    • Designed specifically to match the primary goal of the program.

    • Create great tasting meals with a ton of variety.


    High-quality Recipes


    •  Includes metric systems.
    •  Matched to your program nutrition plans to make food prep and cooking even easier.


    Detailed Nutritional Information


    • Provide detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe.

    • Tried and tested diet plans that remove all of the guesswork for you.

    • Match the best recipes to your preferences.


    Recipe Key


    • Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free, low carb and vegetarian.

    • Look for these helpful icons throughout the file. 


    Supplement Guides


    •     The right supplements that are proven to work.


    •     Feel totally confident that you are following the latest research and guidelines.


    Nutrition & Training Planners


    •    Plan your nutrition & training based on your schedule.


    •   Tried and tested templates that remove all of the guesswork for you.


    •  Invaluable guidance so that you can be confident you are on the right track to success.


    Workout Programs


    •  Boost you results with effective training programs matched to your goals.


    • Periodized programs to ensure you make weekly progress.


    Progress Diaries


    •  Support you by tracking your progress with easy-to-use templates.


    •  Keep you focused and motivated 
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