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Duhulu Malak Sinhala Movie 18

Duhulu Malak Sinhala Movie 18

Duhulu Malak (දුහුළු මලක්) is a 1976 Sinhalese language romance film directed by Vijaya Dharmasri. The film stars Nita Fernando, Ravindra Randeniya and Tony Ranasinghe and is notable for containing the first depiction of adultery in a Sinhala film. [1] The film follows the lives of middle-class people in Sri Lanka and explores a woman's sexual desire and infidelity. [2]

The film is based on a novel by H.L. Wijetunga, who also wrote the screenplay. The film was critically acclaimed and won several awards, including the OCIC Best Actress Award for Nita Fernando. [3] The British Film Institute listed it on their long list of Top Sri Lankan Films in 2006. [4]

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The film is rated 18+ for its mature themes and scenes of sexual intimacy. The film was controversial at the time of its release and faced censorship issues. [5] However, the film is now considered a classic of Sri Lankan cinema and a landmark in the history of Sinhala film industry. [6]

Plot Summary

The film examines the bored and unhappy life of Nilupa Suraweera, a housewife married to a university lecturer, Suraweera. She feels neglected by her husband, who is busy with his work and has no interest in her. She meets Rohan, a young man who lives in her neighborhood, and develops a friendship with him. Gradually, their friendship turns into a passionate affair, which they try to keep secret from their spouses and society.

Nilupa and Rohan meet each other secretly, mostly in the absence of Suraweera. They also go to places like a ship, a musical show, and a hill station together. Their affair is noticed by a gossiping neighbor, who informs Suraweera anonymously through phone calls. Suraweera confronts Nilupa about her affair and advises her not to step out of the house without his permission.

Nilupa feels trapped and suffocated by her husband's control and decides to leave him. She packs her bags and goes to Rohan's house, hoping to start a new life with him. However, she finds out that Rohan is already married and has a child. She realizes that Rohan was only using her for his sexual pleasure and does not love her. She feels betrayed and humiliated by Rohan's deception and returns to her husband's house.

The film ends with Nilupa sitting alone in her room, crying and regretting her actions.


  • Nita Fernando as Nilupa Suraweera

  • Ravindra Randeniya as Rohan

  • Tony Ranasinghe as Suraweera

  • Wimal Kumara de Costa as Nilupa's brother

  • Sumana Amarasinghe as Rohan's wife

  • Chitra Wakishta as the gossiping neighbor

  • Sunil Hettiarachchi as Nilupa's brother-in-law

  • Shanthi Lekha as Nilupa's sister-in-law

  • Sunethra Sarachchandra as Nilupa's friend

  • Lalitha Sarachchandra as Nilupa's friend


The film features four songs composed by Sarath Dassanayake and written by Ajantha Ranasinghe. The songs are sung by Nanda Malini, H.R. Jothipala, Milton Mallawarachchi, and Anjalin Gunathilaka. The songs are:

  • Ran Kenden Banda - Nanda Malini

  • Romaya Lese - Nanda Malini

  • Mage Sihine Obai - H.R. Jothipala and Anjalin Gunathilaka

  • Sanda Tharu Mal - Milton Mallawarachchi


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