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Where Can I Buy Shoe Laces UPDATED

Welcome to Kicks Shoelaces! We are a shoelace company that specialises in shoelaces and shoelace accessories. On our site, you will find several different types of laces, shoelace aglets, and other accessories to put on your shoes. Whether you need a replacement shoelace or just want to update your shoes with some cool and unique laces, we've got you!

where can i buy shoe laces


For even more enjoyment of your favorite shoes, you'll find the pure wellness experience here: perfect shoe care for the lasting fresh look as well as shoe accessories for your individual fit & comfort in the shoe.

Just lace Zubits magnets onto your own shoelaces. When separated, you can easily slip into a wide open shoe. Close the magnets with a click and go for a run or play sports. Quickly take your shoes off hands-free by stepping on your heel to pop out. Buy Zubits closures once and re-use them on all your new shoes! The magnets never lose strength so you never have to tie laces again.

Zubits magnetic shoe closures are amazingly strong! Watch this video as parkour experts put Zubits closures to the test. Zubits magnets are balanced to stay secure during athletic activity, yet remain easy enough to take off with a forceful step on the heel. Zubits magnets bind together with up to 18lbs of force. - How Zubits Closures Work magnetic shoelaces, magnetic shoelaces, magnetic shoelaces, magnetic shoelaces magnetic shoelaces

Start with your own shoes - lace Zubits closures through your own shoelaces - and presto - your shoes just got insanely easy. Zubits are patent pending magnetic "bits" that make your shoes fast and easy to put on and take off. No tying, no squeezing, no knots, no floppy bows, no coming undone. When the Zubits magnets are split open you have a huge opening to easily slip into your shoes. Then just pull the magnets together and you're done. When you want to take your shoes off, just step on your heel and pop out hands-free. magnetic shoelaces magnetic shoelaces zoobits

After a quick bit of research, it became clear that some manufacturers offer replacement laces for their popular lace-up shoe models, whilst others will not provide any replacement laces at all. Even the few manufacturers I did manage to find that do sell replacement laces, its not easy to find a retailer that sells them.

IMPORTANT: There are only a handful of climbing shoe brands shown below. The simple reason for this is that a lot of other climbing shoe brands prominently manufacture velcro or slipper shoes.

La Sportiva was one of the best manufacturers for offering replacement climbing shoelaces. One of the biggest benefits of the La Sportiva replacement laces are that they are specifically designed for climbing shoes, so they are abrasion resistant and a lot more durable than a standard shoelace.

Until last year, they offered exact-match replacement laces for their most popular shoes. However, this has recently changed and the company now only offers one style of replacement lace (similar to the standard Testarossa lace). The La Sportiva climbing lace comes in two sizes; 115cm and 150cm.

I got in touch with Scarpa, who confirmed that this lace is suitable for their rock shoes. When I told their helpful customer representative that I was hunting for replacement laces, they even offered to source some from their returned items.

From what I have seen, Boreal does sell a small range of replacement laces, but finding somewhere to buy them seems to be a bit of a challenge. As stated on their website, if you go to your local Boreal retailer, they should be able to supply you with some replacements.

You could go to your nearest shoe shop and buy and old shoelaces, and I am sure that would work, at least for a short while. Chances are though, you might probably find yourself with another pair of broken laces again a few weeks.

The biggest benefit of using accessory cord is that it is seriously strong stuff, so if you are doing a lot of crack climbing or putting a lot of pressure through your laces, this could be the best option for you.

Aglets give you a bunch of benefits. From stopping your laces from unraveling, making it easier for you to tie your shoes and threading the lace through the eyelets, these unsung heroes do a lot more than you might realize.

How Are Climbing Shoes Made?The impressive 8-Step process of every climbing shoe goes through.At first glance, you might think that your climbing shoes are pretty simple pieces of equipment; a couple of layers of fabric, a few pieces of rubber, and a little bit...

La Sportiva P3: What does it do?More kick-ass shoe tech from La Sportiva.La Sportiva has had skin in the climbing game for over four decades. They first entered the market in the late 70s, although it was in 1982 when the Italian company started emerging as leading...

Put your best foot forward and browse our great range of colours, sizes and materials today. We also offer fantastic shoe polishes, dyes and other accessories designed to breathe new life into your most cherished shoes.

A shoe lace can be made of different materials: leather laces, nylon laces, spun polyester, cotton, and more. They are often found in sneakers or rubber shoes, boots, or work shoes. They are very important in supporting the feet and keeping the shoes from falling off.

The humble shoe lace may seem simple, but it does a great deal in ensuring the safety of the person wearing the shoes. Just imagine the disaster when an athlete steps on too long shoelaces while in a game or when you trip because of loosely tied lace.

Improper tying can affect the comfort and function of your feet. Thus, the shoelaces must be of perfect length. So, if you happen to love a pair of shoes so much, but it has this issue, just learn how to shorten shoelaces.

Step 7: Using your match or lighter, apply heat to the tubing of the shoe lace to make it shrink. Be careful not to subject the tubing to too much heat by keeping it at a distance of around two inches. You may wear gardening gloves for protection.

This trick of shortening shoelaces will not be applicable for every shoe. It works more on shoes for informal activities such as strolling or daily walks. However, if you are an athlete or for intensive physical activities, you may need to reconsider.

You can do this trick and the lacing patterns we will discuss later together. Tie the shoelaces, and hide the knots where it feels comfortable to you. Tucking enables you to maximize the length of the shoe lace while you shorten your shoelaces at the same time.

Now, let us move on to another method of adjusting long shoelaces, which is lacing up. There are many ways to tie shoelaces, not just the bunny ears we grew up doing. There are different knots you can come up with; you only have to know how.

We will only tackle a few ways to lace up. There are so many of them, and you can even come up with your style. But to get you started on this trick of getting the right length for your shoelaces, let us begin with the simple ones.

This method is one of the most effective in providing support and stability. It keeps the shoes steady while giving them a distinctive appearance. It works and looks best for shoes like boots, which have many eyelets.

If you want to adjust the length of your shoelaces, but you have no time to learn the methods or to cut and measure, one thing you can do is to wrap the extra lace around the ankles or once you reach the top eyelet.

The most intuitive solution to get the correct size of shoelaces is to buy a new pair. I am sure not everyone is so psyched about the idea of making double knotting or doing the above remedies, and you might be among those who would rather just go the easy path.

Well, it is understandable. If you are still in the store where you bought your shoes, you can already inquire about shoe laces that will be perfect for your needs. You can even get several reserves, choose from different colors and material make up.

More than just the way it looks, too long shoelaces can be an eyesore. The main reason why laces need to be the correct size is for safety and the comfort of your feet. Doctors say that the way you tie your shoelaces may affect the overall health of your feet.

People with narrow heels will find lock lacing the most helpful way to tie laces because it keeps the foot in place. It is because this type of foot easily slips to the back of the shoe. By tightening the shoelaces around the ankles, it will prevent this from happening.

If you have wide feet, the holes closest to your toes must be left empty. Skip them so that it will not add pressure to that area when you tie your laces. You will still secure the ankles but will provide breathing room for the sole.

When the arch of your feet is raised more than normal in the middle, you need to tie the laces so that there is enough room for your feet so that they will not rub to the top of your shoes, as this can irritate.

Doctors advise that before you put your shoes on, you must loosen the laces first. You see, there are times of the day when feet swell, so it would be more convenient to put it on when laces are loosened. Doing so will also help preserve your shoes because too much pressure can encourage wear and tear to the material. The foot must comfortably slide to the middle as you put the shoe on.

Pro tip: when buying shoes, it would be beneficial to choose more holes to have more liberty in adjusting the fit. [Learn More: How to Pick the Best Shoes for Your Foot Type (Pronate, Supinate, Neutral)]

Visit us at Singapore's and South East Asia's Premier Brand of Shoe Laces. If you have any other ideas on matching colors and would like to recommend some other laces, feel free to drop me an email. Join our Facebook Group (BOOST SG) for a community of laceswap lovers! 041b061a72


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