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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

What is LabStats?

LabStats is an industry-leading tool for tracking, monitoring, and managing hardware and software in higher education. With LabStats hardware and software tracking, IT heads and CIOs can optimize budget spending and IT infrastructure across campus. Let go of paying for unused software and system waste time - you can focus on what your students and staff need and provide them with resources quickly and efficiently.

With LabStats, you can know when, where, and how IT assets are being used across campus. Our lab-mapping feature lets you create a digital map of your computer labs so students and staff can find the nearest available station. Additionally, you can track 200+ software and know the most and least used software across campus. This insight equips you to negotiate license renewals better.

Make Data-driven IT Decisions 

Simply put - LabStats tells you which expensive hardware or software isn't used. A simplified dashboard gives you access to real-time current and historical data so you can optimize IT spending without sacrificing student learning experience. You can also share reports across various departments and democratize decision-making. 

Our turnkey computer lab software tracking tool dives deep into the usage of all software in your environment. This aids in software compliance and investing in resources your students need. 

Enhance your campus efficiency with automated tracking and end-to-end IT management. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to for a free Labstats trial today.


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