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Where To Buy Krylon Fusion Paint

Finish off your paint projects with Krylon paint! Krylon fusion will provide a smooth, matte finish to all the surfaces you apply it to. You can use this fusion for plastic, wood, metal, wicker, glass, laminate and ceramic. Give your chair, night table, or desk a chalky finish or a vintage distressed look with this paint!

where to buy krylon fusion paint


my local walmart does not carry krylon fusion, however they do have Rustoleum everything. is there a suitable version of this brand. there are several varieties that claim to bond to plastic. thanks in advance.

I am making a custom terrarium for our Chinese water dragons, we are using craft styrofoam to shape a lot of our decor, including the waterfall. I was going to use plasti dip. can krylon fusion be used on styrofoam?

I am having a hard time finding plasti-dip in clear where I live. I was wondering if aquarium silicon could be used to seal a foam 3d background. Background was painted with safe acrylic paint but I want to seal the background.

I used black krylon fusion on some PVC thats going in my salt tank. Im thinking I should coat it with clear plastidip in case my trigger decided to peck at it. Do I have to wait 7 days before doing the plastidip coat? 041b061a72


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